On-Line OwlCam Videos

(Updated 4-13-06)

This page offers some short, low resolution, versions of scenes from the OwlCam DVD.  These are Windows Media (.wma files) that will play on Microsoft Windows Media Players. My apologies to those with narrowband (telephone) connections, but these are big files that will take 30 to 90 minutes to  download at telephone modem speeds. The DVD is currently out for reproduction and packaging and should be available by late April or early May. I will add a page with more specifics on purchasing the DVD to this site and will send email notifications to those who have requested that I do so when it is ready for sale. Update: The DVD is now available. Follow this link for purchase information:

Scene 1: The Third Egg  (Download Time approx 30 seconds Cable/DSL, 30minutes to 1 hr with telephone modem),

Scene 2: Ernie Appears (Download Time approx 45 seconds Cable/DSL, 45minutes to 90 minutes telephone modem)

Scene 3: Stepping Out  (Download Time approx 1 minute Cable/DSL, 1 hour telephone modem)

Scene 4: Left Behind (Download Time approx 1 minute Cable/DSL, 1 hour telephone modem)  (new 4-13-06)

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