Meal Call

As Ward continues to bring in incredible amounts of food, June is doing her part to make sure the owlets catch up for the meals they missed a couple of days back. She announces each meal with the galloping sound and it always gets the owlets attention. On the occasion pictured here, Spencer had been stuck under June, and pointed in the wrong direction when she sounded the dinner call. It took a frantic effort for him to get turned around and into the feeding position you see here before Penelope got a head start. It's hard to imagine that these tiny owlets will be about 3/4 the size of June in just three weeks. Ward again overachieved with four deliveries last night and two daring daylight deliveries today. He delivered a short-tailed shrew at 3pm with a flock of crows hot on his tail and then flew a dangerous route through the underbrush to make his escape. The cool weather we are now experiencing makes it necessary for June to spend even more time in the nest, and may delay the day when she can help out with the hunting.

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